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At Jannat Mall, our primary goal is to have happy and satisfied customers and give our customers as much convenience as possible. So, we also have the option of Cash on Delivery for some of our products. Do you wonder why we do not have the option of COD on all of our products? It’s because some of the products are quite expensive, which makes it a little difficult for Jannat Mall to deliver without getting advance payment.

For any queries and further information, you can call us at 0334-4354246 or email us at

We hope this was helpful, we strive to keep improving our services to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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Refund Policies: is one of the top Online Stores in Pakistan. The thing that matters to Jannat Mall the most is its clients. The customer support service is ready to receive your response and respond to your questions. Customers can quickly contact Jannat Mall via calls, emails, and online support or just drop us a message on Instagram or Facebook. You can contact Jannat Mall for any further details on Whatsapp also.

All the products that we acquire are completely inspected and examined by the Quality Control Department before they leave the warehouse so that the delivered products are damage-free, function properly, and are of high quality. If anyhow a client faces a problem with the specifications of the product, manufacturing defects, or any other issue with the product, then you can avail of the SEVEN days replacement policy always. There are some rules that you have to keep in mind and follow:

You cannot return or exchange your goods bought from Jannat Mall’s shop or website IF the product is not suffering from the below-mentioned issues because Jannat Mall does not take responsibility for any other matter.

If a laptop or any other product has any sort of physical damage or any type of physical issue then you MUST notify and inform us about the problem on the same day of shipment to get a replacement. The purchaser MUST contact and talk to the concerned unit about the problem the same day for a replacement. Otherwise, Jannat Mall won’t take any responsibility. Inform us IMMEDIATELY.

The defective, incomplete, damaged or broken product will ONLY be exchanged with the product having the corresponding Model Number and Specifications. Jannat Mall is not responsible for exchanging your product for any other product.

If the product is broken through misapplication, the shopper cannot claim a replacement warranty.

If unfortunately a customer receives a different product or with different specifications as listed on our website and wants to replace it within Seven days, then shipment of both sides will be the responsibility of the buyer, and he/she will pay it from their pocket. Jannat Mall will not pay on your behalf. Moreover, if the customer has ordered a product and rejects/disagrees to accept the product at the time of delivery then 10 to 40 percent of the total amount will be deducted.

Jannat Mall will not entertain any queries regarding the replacement of any product after 7 days from the date of purchase. The product should be returned within the 7 days replacement period. If the product is returned at any later date while the replacement period has expired, Jannat Mall is not accountable/responsible for replacement.

All the products which are company sealed eg. Apple MacBooks, Microsoft Surface Products, or any other products which are company sealed cannot be replaced or returned for any reason. 

If for any reason, the customer does not like the product or wants to upgrade to a higher product then we will not return or replace the product as we do not deal in the used products.

If the customer receives the product with some variation and agrees to use it, it will not be replaced later.

We advise all our valuable customers to re-check the product specifications on the official manufacturer’s website as well so the buying process is smooth.

Pictures listed on our website are captured professionally, they may vary with the original product itself as it’s mentioned at most of the manufacturer’s websites as well. No replacement will be entertained for this reason.

The product should be returned within the 7 days replacement period. If the product is returned at any later date while the replacement period has expired, Jannat Mall is not accountable/responsible for replacement.

Just give us a call or drop a message on Whatsapp for further details about your product and your return request at 0334-4354246. Jannat Mall’s Customer Support Service is always there to clear out your concerns, so feel free to contact us.

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